What is right about this photo?

Have you figured it out yet? 

These are three of the same gloves that I have bought over the past three years.   I love this glove.  They are light weight, provide great dexterity, warm enough to use while doing some form of outdoor activity, good windstopping capability and thin enough to use as a liner.  Made by Manzella (www.manzella.com) I would highly recommend them to everyone.  They seem to run true to size and on the cake meter they are a wee bit high.  I think these set me back around $25.    I found these at Sam’s(www.samsoutdooroutfitters.com) in Brattleboro, VT.  I am sure you can find them on-line at any number of discount outdoor suppliers such as Sierra Trading Post (www.sierratradingpost.com).

Back to the photo.  Nothing is right!  That’s my issue.  The photo is of three years of left gloves.  Some how, over the past three years, in my infinite genius,  I’ve managed to lose every right glove.  Not just one, nope.  Not two, nope.  Every freakin’ right glove that I have bought.  I know, absurd.

It’s like OJ Simpson’s defense team snuck in late at night over the past three years and stole (borrowed) all my right gloves.   Maybe it’s some of my liberal friends messing with me.  All I know is my right hand is getting cold.

I could see losing a right or a left glove every once in a while, but come on.  EVERY RIGHT GLOVE!  By the way, trying to put a left hand glove onto your right hand doesn’t do the job.

Obviously I love the glove since I keep going back and buying another pair.  So if someone out there at Manzella has a bin of extra right-hand N2S windstopper gloves and want to send me a few it would be greatly appreciated.

Ciao 4 Niao



Drop us a note and sell us on your favorite socks.  Also let us know how you are using the socks.  For example:  Xbrand of socks are perfect for playing with the dog because I hate how they feel on my feet.  Seriously, drop us a note and sell us some socks.

Tell us the brands, the sizes, the colors, the materials.  Are you a ragg wool sock person?  How about Wigwam or Smartwool?  Maybe you are that throwback white tube sock wearer.  What ever, let us know.  That way we can all be smarter about socks.

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